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Road of the Dead 2!

2012-10-27 16:29:39 by SickDeathFiend

Hey peoples!
Me and Evil-Dog announced Road 2 not too long ago, and were trying to get it done before Halloween, but the game is so massive and full of awesome, its just not going to be possible to finish it by then :(

You can expect it to be released sometime next month instead, I'd rather get it polished and complete instead of rushing through it just to meet a release date :)

In Road of the Dead 2, you play as 2 characters, two soldiers trying to escape Evans city during the zombie pandemic in the first game. You will drive with one, and shoot with the other.

We have added lots of new stuff besides the guns and shooting! New location types, so your not just on the highway, but inside the city, in city parks and more, character leveling up, upgrading as you drive (stop by a garage to replace your tires for example) New grapple mechanics, a revamped and far more deadly mutant zombie, new types of upgrades like weapon attachments to your vehicle, and much much more!

Head over to Evil-Dogs new website and help vote for the best zombie drawing for our little contest!

*As soon as Unity 4 comes out, hopefully we can get Range of the Dead ported over to flash so you guys without smartphones or tablets can play it in flash :D

Road of the Dead 2!

Road of the Dead?

2012-09-26 21:15:50 by SickDeathFiend

Working on a game that should be out next month if all goes well.
You play as 2 characters that are in the Road of the Dead poster I made a little while ago, can you guess which ones?

Heres a cute before and after

ps: start practicing your shooting skills ;)

Road of the Dead?

Range of the Dead and more

2012-08-18 19:25:41 by SickDeathFiend

If you haven't noticed, me and Evil Dog's new game Range of the Dead has been out on mobiles, and we just completed a cool new addon which includes 2 new weapons, a bow and arrow, and grenades!(ios version will take a few weeks to approve the update but android version is available)

I wanted to have the flash version out at the same time, but unfortunately Unity couldn't export the game correctly yet :( so we are still waiting on the new unity 4 with the finalised flash export to come out, so hopefully then it will work!

its a small game, but we wanted to put something out inbetween the big stuffs!
we have a lot of projects being juggled, but next up should be a surprise :D
for all you Road of the Dead fans muahahahha, it should be out the same time the original was released if all goes well ;)

but theres mooaar!!1 I'm also working on another game based in 'of the dead' universe, called 'Streets of the Dead' which takes place during the events of Road of the Dead, but you get to play as the 'other side' thats all i'm going to say on that! its shaping up to be really awesome so far, it should also be released sometime this year soon.

and finally we have a new ambitious project on the way, that will include comic books and text based stories. I don't wanna go into detail just yet, but I'll have an ongoing comic series in that, roughly/loosely based on my 'kitten apocalypse' movie from way back in the day ;P

stay tuned for more death and destruction :D

holy sprite sheet batman!

Range of the Dead and  more

new games big and small

2012-05-10 03:04:44 by SickDeathFiend

Me and Evil-Dog have been working on several large games, lately a fighting game, that I thought would be cool to blend in some different gameplay from your typical boxing type game. Also there's the big multiplayer game, Mage-Apocalypse, hopefully coming later this year as well. And then of course my baby, Deep-Trauma, that I'm most excited about! Can't wait to finish that one :D

Anyways, stopped to work on a small little game, here's a screenshot, look familiar? should be out real soon ;)

new games big and small

Lab of the Dead 1.4 update and moar

2011-10-30 15:29:35 by SickDeathFiend

Lab of the Dead has been updated with a SKIP button for all those that wanted that!
so go check it out!
Its uploaded and waiting on moderator approval, so the new version should pop up at anytime now :)
It really changes the flow of the game a lot, so maybe give it another try if you felt it was too slow paced before.

Me and Evil-Dog also just released a new app called My Chinese Master
tells you lots of cool proverbs and such.

We have a boxing game coming up next where you fight aliens and other captured humans in an alien prison. should be kewlz :D
And the next big game is to finish Mage-Apocalypse. A large multiplayer PvP game. If you are interested in alpha/beta testing of that, check out one of Evil-Dog's websites and sign up :D

And finally, on Death's Curtain news, I've been thinking of continuing that series as a large kick-ass game, where you get to take part in the action yourself :D what do you think of that?
It would be well off in the future, but the game ideas are worked out for the most part. should be really cool.

Lab of the Dead 1.4 update and moar

Lab of the Dead is out!

2011-10-19 13:58:15 by SickDeathFiend

Me and Evil-Dog finally released LotD, it was a labor intensive game, so I hope you enjoy it!
Its also a very different type of game, so I'm curious to see how people react to it.

so go ahead and go play it!

This is also our first foray into mobile games, so yes LotD is also available on android mobiles and soon the iphone/ipad if you wanna give those a try.

up next we have a crazy brutal boxing game, get to punch aliens heads off and stuff :D

a good strategy in Lab is to start with the aggressive reactions first then after some good upgrades and items, switch to doing the passives and advance reactions. can rack up points faster. have funz

Lab of the Dead

2011-09-05 15:56:27 by SickDeathFiend

Me and Evil-dog been hard at work on a Road of the Dead spinoff game called Lab of the Dead! it turned out to be a much bigger project than we originally thought, so it got delayed a bit, but it should be out sometime in the next few weeks! I don't have an exact release date nailed down.

The game takes place during (before,during and after) the even in RotD. Its heavily inspired by Romero's Day of the Dead, so if you enjoyed that movie you should get a kick outa this game :)

Evil-Dog posted a teaser video alittle while back so here it is if you missed it!

Ideas and curtains

2011-06-24 09:23:28 by SickDeathFiend

Haven't made a post in awhile, been hectic, and had a big move and lots of other insanity!

Me and Evil-Dog are working on an exciting new RotD version, so stay tuned for more info on that!

Also we have the Mage Apocalypse still in production, its going to be an amazing game, plus if everything comes together for it, this game will have a must have feature that you usually don't see in even big budget games. ;D

Going back to Death's Curtain, I had an idea to make the rest of the episodes 'motion comics' with some fully animated money shots thrown in here and there, This way I think I might could have time to work on it more and get it finished sooner. What do you guys think of that idea?

Ideas and curtains

Just a little news post for those interested in what I'm up to.

Me and Evil-Dog are hard at work on more awesome games, right now we are working on
a multiplayer pvp game called Mage Apocalypse.

Sort of a list of games to expect in the future:

Mage Apocalypse: server based pvp game, tons of awesome spells and unique classes to choose from, in depth character custimization! (big game, still work in progress, but progressing really well, really fun to play already)

Deep Trauma: Posted about this awhile ago, it was temporarily put on hold. Spooky underwater horror game! (roughly half done or so, really awesome game play and scary atmosphere)

Road of the Dead 2: continues the story of the first game, and will include lots of new gameplay mechanics like free aim shooting, scavenging, unique boss fights, turning roads, off roading etc.
(more info to come in the future)

and some top secret games I can't talk about yet ;)

upcoming projects of destruction and mayhem

killer toys

2010-12-18 06:25:15 by SickDeathFiend

Me and Evil-Dog have a new game out for Christmas called Poltergifts, so go PLAY IT!