Road of the Dead?

2012-09-26 21:15:50 by SickDeathFiend

Working on a game that should be out next month if all goes well.
You play as 2 characters that are in the Road of the Dead poster I made a little while ago, can you guess which ones?

Heres a cute before and after

ps: start practicing your shooting skills ;)

Road of the Dead?


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2012-09-26 21:27:13

Omg! you play as two zombies, a pretty one and an ugly one, doing synchronized dancing! I knew it! best game ever!
Dancing of the Dead

SickDeathFiend responds:



2012-09-26 22:37:49

Fantastic! I can't wait to see a continuation to their respective stories.


2012-09-27 12:53:09

lol always loved your work by any chance will you redo dead rain just asking but love your work


2012-09-27 12:56:53

after and before lol


2012-09-27 16:21:04

*gasp* So you finally get to play as the helicopter and the rubber duck??!! BEST GAME EVER!!


2012-09-27 21:37:36

oh shit...
its e1m1 all over again.


2012-09-28 02:49:47

Stoked to play it!


2012-09-28 08:47:58

ima guess the army chick and captain admiral on the right.


2013-11-23 01:29:45

I so do not like the swearing. They're supposed to be: butcher, shivers, freaking, master and blaster.


2013-12-01 00:50:49

30.28km reached, 304 zombies killed, 108 soldiers killed, 9 clingers shot down, 4 helicopters defeated, 72 splatter hits, only 2 civillians killed...and 9,513 total road points!!!! I have the longest distance reached, highest number of killed zombies, highest number of killed soldiers, highest number of clingers shot down, highest number of helicopters defeated, highest number of splatter hits and highest number of total road points in a single run...... I got through seven districts, from Evans City to Brighton Square as I ended my journey when I'm destroyed by an explosive soldier.