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Road of the Dead 2, Range etc

Posted by SickDeathFiend - November 17th, 2012

Gah my fingers hurt from all this drawing x__x

Me and Evil-Dog still hard at work finishing up Road2, if you wanna know more about that game check out my last news post.
We are considering porting to stage 3d or something for the extra acceleration but maybe not, if we do it will delay it a bit more though. Unfortunately Adobe added these weird licensing rules and stuff for using their 3d stuff, and it doesn't even seem to work :P so it makes that process even more annoying! wee!

"Currently, each licensed game must have its root SWF hosted on a different domain (or different subdomain) than any other licensed game's root SWF. To license the games separately, move each game's root SWF to a unique subdomain and then register the subdomain. If you use a single licensed domain to host multiple root SWFs, all those SWFs are considered a single game from a licensing and revenue share standpoint. If for some reason you must do this, then you should consolidate all the included games into a single game entry in the Games Dashboard, giving the entry a generalized game name that refers to the whole set of games."

so... we have to get a license to use 3d features, must tell them each host that will host the game, and put a file on the server? That doesn't seem like how flash games are suppose to work :P

anyway the game is shaping up really well, Evil-Dog's doing an amazing job coding up a storm for it, and the voice actors have put in some killer dialogue, and our music guy has made some really catchy music tracks, even better than the last game!
Pretty much everyone from the first game is involved, and have really upped their game for the sequel.

So back to porting Range of the Dead to flash, unity 4 is out, but wouldn't you know the export feature isn't working right, so that's still up in the air. hopefully we can figure a solution for it.

Also, we wanna try to port Poltergifts to mobiles for christmas time, and maybe with new boss battles added into it, since I wanted to add those originally but we didn't have enough time.

Oh, and next year will be Dead Rain's 10 year anniversary, haha I can't believe its been that long. fuck I'm getting old. :O I have something planned for that, but its a secret for now ;)

Road of the Dead 2, Range etc

Comments (18)

That´s great, when its going to be ready road of the dead 2???

soon, if we port it to 3d, soonish :)

I literally can;t wait > : )

Jebus man, and I thought editing videotape on crap gear was frustrating. You got my respect for staying the course and making the best product you possibly can! Sounds like you got a fine team and I wish you all the success you can handle.

thanks!, yeah takes forever.

dead rain is an awesome idea it belongs on TV of corse it would have to be finished and crap -_- but its awesome

Optimize it as best as you can, I can't wait.

we are trying our bestestest

awesome. I loved Road of The Dead, hoping to see massive upgrade on the title :D

its a massive upgrade alright :D

If this were a regularly-priced downloadable game on PSN I'd buy it.

cool, wonder how many people would indeed purchase it on something like that.

He is back.

Pretty cool, I'm looking forward to seeing road of the dead 2!

yo Sickdeathfiend a*s bttr have Dead Rain New Vers Rdy....., its been 10 yrs and you also said you continue it after some other project that was ended\abandoned ages ago im wanting a sequel to the epic adventure

I'll have 'something' Dead Rain related for the anniversary if things work out

Good stuff dude, looking forward to some more car/zombie bashin goodness.

Awesome drawing bro, I love your work.


wait a minute, that guy in the picture is the character from the original road of the dead?


Is this gonna go out on a phone?

no, flash

So, you decided to cancel releasing it and Road of the dead on Iphone and Android, and decided to release only as a flash game. Right ?

Nothing has been canceled. Originally road of the dead 1 was being ported to mobiles/pads but the phones couldn't handle the graphics, so we held off on porting it. Road of the dead 2 was never going to be on mobiles. We still wanna port Road 1 to mobiles/pads though at some point.
Range of the Dead was supposed to be ported to flash, but the unity to flash export feature won't work for that game. so we may have to do it another way.

And wait, range of the dead will be released as a flash too ?

Awesome drawing bro!

When does road 2 come out?

soon ;)

road of the dead was really awesome :D i can't wait to see road 2 :D