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Updated Death's Curtain episode 1 so that it can be viewed in big screen mode. graphics and some sound effects improved along with higher quality visuals for the new bigger size.

I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I made the original versions dimensions so small ;P

Update for Death's Curtain ep.01

Hello peoples!

Well I wish I could have had episode 2 of Death's Curtain released by now, but you know how life can keep you from doing things you wanna do eh?
Well the good news is I'm working hard on episode 2 and it will be out soonish. I refuse to rush myself, I want it to be good.
Included another preview pic!

Also I'm going to release an updated version of episode one with biggy screen support with improved quality and tweaks here and there to make it better!

I'd also like to address Information about Dead Rain, because I keep getting asked the same things about it.

No there will not be an episode 6, and No I'm no abandoning the series either.

The reason for no episode 6 is because the series was my starting point in learning to animate, draw on the computer ect. and it has aged rather bady. So instead I would like to completely Remake the series from the ground up.

I have had the 5 arc story of Dead Rain in my head for years and years and I'd love to get it out there. But 5 arcs is huge. I've changed my mind about doing it many times, even thought of making it a graphic novel series at one point!

But Animation is probably the way to go I'm thinking. What do you think?

Either way I'd like to focus on one series at a time. Death's Curtain is fresher in my mind so it makes since to me to focus on that 100% and get it done, and get it done in a decent pace. no more 2 years between episodes yeesh ;(

Ps: Death's Curtain ep.2 is going to be pretty long. Do you think 20 minutes is to long for an episode? feedback is appreciated :)

Death's Curtain ep2 and other stuff

Death's Curtain Ep.02 Voice Acting Finalized!

2008-06-11 11:09:24 by SickDeathFiend

First I'd like to thank every single one of you for your willingness to help, I never thought I'd get so many offers.
The cast is set and recorded, The voice acting will blow all of you away :)

I've taken all the critiques into consideration, one of the big ones being my shitty voice acting (hey I tried) so this episode will be a big improvement on that.

Episode 2 feels more like episode 1 to me in that it properly introduces most of the main cast, and gets more into the main storyline. By episode 3 I think it will surpass deadrain in action and thrills, so get ready ;)
its time for me to coat ng in blood again.

thanks everybody!

Death's Curtain Ep.02 Voice Acting Finalized!

Death's Curtain Episode 2 voice acting

2008-04-25 10:38:14 by SickDeathFiend

I'm baaaaaack...

and death's curtain 2 is in production! one small hitch though.. I need voice actors!

If anyone can do good quality voice acting, send me an email with a mp3 sample of your voice acting skills.

The rolls in this movie are serious, and mostly adult, so i'm not looking for va's that sound like kids or preteens.
I need both male and female actors.

This is a diologue heavy episode, and good dramatic emotions must be conveyed.

thanks :)

ps: heres some sample lines straight from the script:

(Lieutenant police)Martin-"Calm down Jack, your seeing things you Want to see, which is going to dilute the case, look... " Martin gets close to jack and talks calmer-
"that 'doctor Robert Skinner' is dead, and theres nothing else to say any of these murders have had anything to do with him."
(19 female)Skye-"YOu bastards noo!! leave him alone!! Godamn you!!"
*her friend Ray runs over to her and pulls her back*

(22 male)Ray-"SKye! skye! lets go before we get into trouble! he will be ok! come on!"

Skye-"Let me go! they are going to kill Corben!!"
(male 36 lead psychic, very intelligent)Xylon-"I've been remote viewing the situation for some time, ever since you came to me about.. your family."
*morce takes a swig and sighs*
Xylon-"There are forces working against you jack, I've seen them, they follow you around.let me remove them."

email is