Range of the Dead and more

2012-08-18 19:25:41 by SickDeathFiend

If you haven't noticed, me and Evil Dog's new game Range of the Dead has been out on mobiles, and we just completed a cool new addon which includes 2 new weapons, a bow and arrow, and grenades!(ios version will take a few weeks to approve the update but android version is available)

I wanted to have the flash version out at the same time, but unfortunately Unity couldn't export the game correctly yet :( so we are still waiting on the new unity 4 with the finalised flash export to come out, so hopefully then it will work!

its a small game, but we wanted to put something out inbetween the big stuffs!
we have a lot of projects being juggled, but next up should be a surprise :D
for all you Road of the Dead fans muahahahha, it should be out the same time the original was released if all goes well ;)

but theres mooaar!!1 I'm also working on another game based in 'of the dead' universe, called 'Streets of the Dead' which takes place during the events of Road of the Dead, but you get to play as the 'other side' thats all i'm going to say on that! its shaping up to be really awesome so far, it should also be released sometime this year soon.

and finally we have a new ambitious project on the way, that will include comic books and text based stories. I don't wanna go into detail just yet, but I'll have an ongoing comic series in that, roughly/loosely based on my 'kitten apocalypse' movie from way back in the day ;P

stay tuned for more death and destruction :D

holy sprite sheet batman!

Range of the Dead and  more


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2012-08-18 19:59:27

Sounds great man, I'll be sure to check it out on the App Store. And while I'm pretty happy for you in how well you've been doing in these video game adventure, man am I feeling a little let down by the lack of Death Curtain news lately. That's just the selfish fanboy in me talking though.

Keep up the amazing gory ass work!

SickDeathFiend responds:

thanks! yeah I need to find some time to work on death's curtain


2012-08-18 20:46:09

a whole range of clowns are going to eat you


2012-08-19 15:54:34

How friendly is the mobile app store to new developers nowadays?

SickDeathFiend responds:

Apple's not TOO bad, they just take forever to approve an app/update. Android is instant, but terrible, and makes it too easy to pirate. pretty much have to make your app free with adds to get anything out of it haha. Range of the Dead is free on all platforms btw.


2012-08-25 14:45:31

Is there anyway you could transfer your games to the blackberry app world market?

SickDeathFiend responds:

we were thinking about it


2012-08-25 22:57:16

O does it cost you guys money to put games on the blackberry app world market? The girl who make rebuild 2 put rebuild in the blackberry app world market for 2.99. Am sure you guys could make money since the blackberry lack apps/games for it which kind of suck.


2012-09-11 04:15:31

cool, that means itl be out n my birthday, it seems like all the cool shit is released on my birthday, must be lucky huh? :D


2012-09-23 07:57:32

Will streets and road of the dead will be released on Iphone and etc ?

SickDeathFiend responds:

Streets will, Road ran into complications because phones couldn't handle all the stuff going on, on screen. but hopefully it will eventually.


2012-09-25 10:09:06

Wll they both will be free or I need to pay for both or at least one of them ?

SickDeathFiend responds:

Dunno yet, but probably free with ads