Need some TESTERS for new multiplayer game!

2016-03-22 00:06:47 by SickDeathFiend

Me and Evil-Dog have a new game coming out around the corner called Streets of the Dead. It is a competitive multiplayer game where you play as humans and zombies during the events of Road of the Dead 1 & 2.



Look at me all alone! Sad!

We need some High Energy testers to come nimbly navigate with us.

Let me know if you are interested and also join the tester skype convo here:

Go ahead and join the Chat room so when we start a coordinated test you will be informed via the chat. so Dont leave the group after joining.


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2016-03-22 10:51:00

always glad to help you guys out :D

SickDeathFiend responds:

cool, added you to the chat group


2016-03-22 23:24:39

Looks cool! I'll be glad to help.


2016-03-22 23:44:37

Too shy for Skype though.

(Updated ) SickDeathFiend responds:

why? not any different than leaving a message here? its not a skype call just a chat room.You can just join the room and lurk while keeping a look out for when me or Evildog makes a test announcement.


2016-03-23 00:14:00

I Can help you :D
How it will work?... you will pass a download?
Anyway, i'll love to be a beta tester!

(Updated ) SickDeathFiend responds:

I'll add names on the beta tester list. then you can access it here on newgrounds via the project system icon at the top ^
If things go right should be having first test Wednesday night


2016-03-23 01:47:32

I just got through playing the Road of the Dead games recently. Awesome stuff! I'd like to help out with this as well.


2016-03-23 05:55:06

kewl! so, did you add me?


2016-03-23 07:54:14

Zero will gladly help an another!


2016-03-23 16:01:38

i wouldn't be online at the same hour as you. i just want to help for that kind of game


2016-03-23 19:23:32

im available.

also, im a voice-actor


2016-04-08 01:16:13

Iam in for ya!besides,iam always gonna help you guys!no matter how scary or regretful it might be!plus,and i can suggest what is needed :)