skin. mmmmm skin

2015-10-07 23:43:50 by SickDeathFiend

Approaching a year of development time on Choke-Point, and its getting closer and closer to being ready for a wide release! Atm I'm working on unlockable character/weapon skins and things.

Heres a collage of some of the unlockable character skins i've been working on.345692_144427553132_skincollage.jpg

Me and the Evil-Dog are attempting a Halloween game called Streets of the Dead. Hopefully we can get it done so wish us luck. All i'll say is it will be multiplayer and chaotic ;) Its using Game assets I made several years ago that went unused, so I'm happy it will get used finally.

If we do a quick beta stress test Me or ED will probably make a new post about it looking for volunteers or just ask here and i'll add you if we do it.


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2015-10-08 09:39:01

More Dead themed games? NICE!

SickDeathFiend responds:

yessir, that's the plan.


2015-10-10 06:13:04

sweeat man if theres anyway i can help just let me know :D thx for the updates (Jesus shaped butt plugs) :DD


2015-10-10 21:43:27

for a moment, i was expecting you to post drawings of skinned-off humans/zombies.

...thank god it wasn't that.

but you kinda always make me/expect fear that, because your art is so scary and anatomically accurate, you know?

anyways, great drawing, cool skins/colours!


2015-12-14 19:11:16