Choke Point development + new class

2015-04-17 19:34:20 by SickDeathFiend

Haven't made a post in awhile, so why not?

Me and Evil-Dog still hard at work on our multiplayer game Choke-Point. We are trying to get it loaded with content and ready for a wide release! 

I recently finished a new character class, the "Skkithulas". She can wall/ceiling walk, and go into a defensive cacoon mode. Kinky. She will be added soon to the live version, which you can try out here if your curious. 


We also want to implement a leveling up system with perks and what not with various unlockable character/weapon skins and shit. If anyone wants to test run and throw out any perk ideas or weapon ideas OR WHATEVER, feel free.(The server is pretty low pop atm, the game is kinda hidden on AG until Wide release is ready so try at peak times if you wanna play it now.)

So with Skkith outa the way, only 1 more class remains to complete the 6 playable classes for the wide release. If the game is popular after that point I have 3 more classes in mind to add :) so we shall see on that.





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2015-04-18 16:58:46

so this race will be bouth offencive and devensive? sounds nice guys cant wait for the game to release xD keep up the good work

SickDeathFiend responds:

Yeah she has lots of speed like the vanguard, but instead of the wall hopping, she can ceiling/wall crawl which gives lots of advantages and hit and run capabilities. Her health will be low to counter balance though.


2015-05-03 20:35:15

wow, very nice work/idea!

this game will be epic, man!

i also like this class. a good class would also be having the alien equivalent of a paladin/cleric : a character/cass that can heal other aliens and restore some damaged attributes of his team-mates?
also a good class idea would be of an alien that is like a leech, and that it can maybe merge itself with some dead warrior of its army in order to gain some of his attributes? (or this can work in all of his enemies, and it can merge with any dead.injured warrior, both from his faction and from the enemy group.) a good counter balance for this character would be that it can merge/leech the attributes/strengths of an other character ONLY once or twice in the whole battle, and that it can have low health, or low defences or something.

those are my 2 cents.
tell me if you want more ideas/suggestions.

you do great works man


2015-08-28 20:35:16

Fuck man the cat movie was badass.