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Website Re-design woot!

Posted by SickDeathFiend - April 11th, 2010

Finished the new layout and design for my website, has lots of new smexy stuff, so check it out if you want.
you can also create an account, and post in forums again, finally.
Keep in mind in the future, the uncut versions of my movies will be exclusive to my site! for reasons why check my last news post.


Comments (10)

i like everything but the grey backround for the homepage seems blank and boring with the text.

but the forums layout and others look sickass.


yeah, but its a lot more organized than before. I'll still be updating it to make it prettier.

Looks awesome! Can't wait to see what new movies you have in store for us. I'll probably have to watch them on your site since they'll be uncut versions. Glad to see you still making flash!

ur a nub.

sux my pen0r

I agree with VidGameDude, but it's getting there. Can't wait to see the other updates. Keep doing what you do best.

Just love it. It's great you got the forums up again. Had to register immediately. Still waiting for new items in the shop, though.

yeah, I didn't like zazzle because it charged people too much and i got next to nothing. I'm planning to have posters and comics for sale in the shop section at some point.

This is probably a stupid question, but won't the ads on your website bring in some money because they are advertising on your website?

Well yeah. but I have to get people to go to the website first.. how do I do that? exclusive uncut versions.

Speaking of your website, I'm having issues with it. It's not letting me log in for some odd reason. It's no problem when I go elsewhere, but when I go to the forum, it logs me out! And it's already starting to kinda piss me off. I've also tried the 'resend activation email' button, but it says I'm already registered. No idea if it's just this computer (which I doubt), but it's irritating me. Any idea as to what's going on?

Not sure what ya mean, I haven't run into that error myself. Havent noticed it logging me out on the forum page.. hmmm. what browser you using?

I'm using Firefox, but that's what I used the last time I logged in on there (successfully). So I'm not sure what could be causing it. Maybe I was removed from the site or something. Maybe I'll try making a new account.

Btw, I read about the uncut versions of your videos in the forums. Sounds brutal.

Okay, never mind, I switched to my original PyramidHead333 account. It's working now :D

hey sick death fiend
you should make a movie based on John Carpenters THE THING
its right up your ally